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Feb 2, 2024

Coach Paul Kolody

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Coach Scott Pherson

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Coach Frank Cremonese

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Coach Nick Ficker

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This episode is brought to you by Plyomat. The Plyomat is a multi-faceted, jump testing mat that allows you to instantly receive ground contact times, jump height, and reactive strength measurements. 

One thing that is unique about the Plyomat is that it allows you to connect not just one, but multiple mats together, for use in multi-hurdle hops and bounds which not only gives it testing value but also a high value in the training session with instant feedback on athlete reactivity.  It is easy to use, accurate and affordable.

To check out the Plyomat and see what it can do for your training, head to Plyomat dot net. That’s Plyomat dot net.


Power Lift

This episode is also brought to you by Power Lift. Taking your athletic facility from concept to completion can be a challenge. It is Power Lift’s goal to make the process as seamless as possible from start to finish. 

Their weight equipment is made with the toughest materials that can withstand excessive use from coaches and athletes for years to come. It’s sought after for its unique design, customizable appearance, affordability, and superior warranty that training facilities deserve. 

Power Lift helps design weight rooms with the athlete in mind, and they pride themselves on their ability to outfit athletic facilities based on a team’s unique goals. That’s why high schools, universities, professional sports teams and athletic performance facilities around the world have chosen Power Lift to help maximize their strength training goals.

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Vitruve is a Velocity Based Training System designed for colleges & high schools around the world. It is accurate, reliable, and affordable! The software is quick and easy to set up and use with a whole room of athletes simultaneously. Coaches have chosen Vitruve because it simplifies VBT and allows them to seamlessly integrate it on a daily basis. Check out Vitruve now for your school's FREE demo unit.



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