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Oct 13, 2020

Michelle Hart-Miller ATC, NHLAT, CSCS

Michelle Hart-Miller is the current Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Londonderry High School in New Hampshire, where she is also an alumni.

She received her Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training from the University of New Hampshire in 1992.  In 1993 she had a full year stipend at LHS, and in 1994 became the school's first full-time Athletic Trainer.

In 1997 she took at Boston University as part of the Athletic Trainers Association, where she was introduced to the Strength and Conditioning world by Mike Boyle.  He peaked her interest so much that she opted to take a two-day seminar with Vern Gambetta, thus leading to her becoming certified through the NSCA shortly after.

She is the 2019 New Hampshire NHSSCA State Coach of the Year and current New Hampshire State Director

Coach’s Contact Information

Phone: 603-315-9470
Twitter: @Lancer_Power

Facebook: Lancer Power
Instagram: Lancer_Power



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